NEWS BITE! FARMERS’ EXPO: Showcasing food security practices in the region

image001KRC with the Agahikaine (CoW) and Orugali consumer group organized the orugali1 food fest and nutrition education sessions during the 2nd Farmers’ Expo in Fort-Portal, Western Uganda. The main objective of the farmer’s expo was to showcase the food security practices promoted by Government, CSOs and Farmers. The farmers’ expo attracted more than 60 exhibitors including Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) program and local processors of agricultural products. KRC and Cow conducted sessions on nutrition, food fest and value addition options to over 100 participants. The main Issues emerged include: farmer’s processed products lack certification by UNBS, value addition technology is still rudimentary and there is limited irrigation options for farmers to sustain production. The chief guest, Deputy Director of OWC, General Charles Angina made commitments on behalf OWC to support farmer groups in the certification process to make their products competitive in local and regional markets, and provide advanced value addition equipment to farmers to process quality and nutritious agro-products. Furthermore, General Angina committed to support the districts to pilot irrigation technologies for the farmers to sustain production.