Street food vending.


In most cases, the attention of African governments is on hard infrastructure and less attention is given to the soft needs of urban residents

How can towns and their rural hinterlands ensure a future that is food secure, prosperous and green under rapid urbanization? Such complex challenges face many areas of sub-Saharan Africa, including Fort Portal and Kabarole district in western Uganda. They are not solved through conventional planning.

Over the past one year or so, the model of transition of Fort Portal into a city has evolved and there is a new strand which brings an explicit focus on the region’s foo
d and farming. This is what the Fort Portal food “change lab” has been studying in depth and which gave rise to the People’s Summit on Food,to conceive a new paradigm for the growth of Fort Portal and its rural hinterland.

The “Food Change Lab”

A Change Lab is a safe space for various stakeholders to address complex social challenges through experimentation and innovation. A Change Labjointly explores the situation, develops a shared vision of the future, tries out a number of collectively owned solutions in the real world, and uses ev