The second phase of research is ongoing. Previously the household dairies were implemented in the rural hinterland of Kabarole District, however in this phase the dairies have been extended to the municipalities to track and compare the dietary diversity of both the rural and urban households in the District. We are eager to have the results which will be shared.

Research on Value Addition: Survey results of KRC 2015 revealed most households exhibiting poor food consumption in terms of diversity and value. Among the factors explored as drivers of these poor diets was the limited traditional knowledge on food processing and value addition. It was noted that most people lack the knowledge of food processing and storage which in essence would ensure a constant supply of nutritious food and save time. Additionally a lot of food leaves the region unprocessed especially maize grain and returns in a processed form which is sold to the local people at five times the amount they sold the maize grain. A study on value addition is being conducted with an objective of exploring value addition opportunities and innovations in Eastern and Southern Africa in order to improve value addition to the agricultural products in Kabarole District and Uganda as whole. The study targets actors in agro cottages, food processing industries, farmer associations, physical markets, academic institutions and informal food vendors.

So far study visits to Zambia and South Africa have been conducted. Soon the team will explore Kenya’s and Uganda’s value addition practices. Results will be shared in the upcoming second food summit.